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You might know a friend of a friend whose acquaintance has been earning money writing articles online. Or, it could be a distant relative with whom you have no contact with. Asking questions from either of them to help you get into this field might be difficult. Although just about anyone can write articles for money, there are some points that you will want to take into consideration.

To write articles for money might not be technical or complicated. However, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the tips that I have to offer. In fact, with the tips and tricks that we have in mind, you will only produce articles that make you good money.

Your Options
Write For Yourself or For Someone Else?

Once you enter this field, you will discover that several options are available to you. We mention two of the main ways here that people can write articles for money:

Writing for Someone Else

The first option available to you is to write articles for someone else. As you begin choosing that someone else, you will be provided with even more choices. For instance, you could be working for an individual or you could also be writing for a company. In either case, the person/firm that you write the articles for will be your client.

Often the owner of a website will find it challenging for himself to write articles for money and produce unique content to their readers and visitors. Keeping it fresh is one of the things that attract people to their website. Thus, if they can't do the job themselves, they will hire writers who they can pay to do that.

Search engine optimization (SEO) companies are another example of group of people who hire writers to produce content. SEO companies specialize in online marketing, which is why they need writers who can write articles for money by marketing different products and services.

Writing for Yourself

You can also write articles and sell them yourself. To ease yourself into this field, you can begin by writing articles that can be uploaded on a website or blog. Another option for you in this regard is to register yourself at an online marketplace where you can get paid for the articles you write. Some writers also start their own article-writing businesses.

However, like most things, there can be certain disadvantages to writing articles for yourself, such as:

  1. Having your own website or blog where you publish the articles will require more of your time. You will not only have to do the writing yourself, you will also be spending time marketing the website.
  2. Secondly, the rate at which you earn money will be slower as compared to the speed with which you will earn if employed by someone else.

Which Approach is the Best?

Now that you know what are your options, you will need to pick the approach that is most suitable for you. Alternatively, you can continue doing a little bit of both as many freelance writers do. Whenever you write articles for money either for yourself or for someone else, you will have to ensure that you spend the right amount of time on both jobs.

When writing for yourself, you can also acquire some writing clients of your own. If they are ones who will need content from you on a regular basis, then you will be more certain of the money coming your way.

In order to get clients, there are a few ways you can achieve that:

  1. Search for freelance job openings using our job board.
  2. Check out online platforms that are exclusively looking for freelance writers to write articles for money and become a part of the community. A few websites to mention are:

3. Check out my eBook below. The eBook includes a chapter on companies that hire writers to write articles for money.

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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Knowing about the following tools of the trade will make your job easier:


Certain clients will ask you to submit your articles through a form of their choosing. While fulfilling their requirement is of course vital, don't make a habit out of it. It is better to do most of your article writing in Microsoft Word. The program is equipped with spell check and grammar check tools. You wouldn't want to submit an error-ridden article to a client, would you!


Do not forego proofreading just because you are using MS Word to write the articles in. MS Word and other similar programs won't be able to remove all the mistakes. They also might result in additional mistakes that occur by accidental clicks, uncaught misspelled words, etc. offers word-class editing & proofreading services at affordable prices. Just remember to proofread before submitting anything!

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Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to write articles for money and get paid well. Just keep one thing in mind, while working for a client can result in quicker payments, it is also possible to earn passive income by writing articles for yourself and then publish them on blogs and websites.

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