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Imagine yourself walking into a day care center and shaking hands with the childcare worker, standing right in front of you, ready to take care of your child in your absence. While this sounds like a good plan to gain some free time, how much trust can you really put into that stranger, to hand over your child?

Family Or Career

When parents leave their children at a day care center, they want to be sure that their children are being taken care of, and are in good hands.

Whether you leave your child at the day care center because you need to leave for work or you need a babysitting service for some special occasion, being a parent, you cannot carelessly hand over your child to just any service provider. Hence, you must fully trust them with their services, and their capability to handle your child with care.

For this purpose, responsible parents search for the best places and qualified child workers to avail day care services. However, the responsibility does not only lie on part of the parents but the workers too; need to possess some traits and qualities that make them a qualified – someone that can be trusted by parents, in their absence!

The Responsibilities of a Childcare Worker

Whether you, work in a day care center, family day care, a preschool or in the home of the child, you must provide adequate care to them. This basic care may include bathing, feeding, playtime activities or supervising.

Similarly, childcare workers, who work in preschools, prepare children to attend school by teaching them language and social skills. They may also provide daycare for older children with respect to after school programs. In these programs, they supervise the children in their activities and help them with their homework.

Similarly, a childcare worker who remains in the child's home may provide services like preparing meals, household chores, driving children to various places and helping them out with their school work.

With so many responsibilities to be taken care of, there have to be some specific traits and qualities that every childcare worker must possess to efficiently carry out these challenging jobs.

Hence, let us have look at the most basic traits.

The Traits of a Responsible and Professional Childcare Worker

Childcare workers are responsible for the care and safety of your children in your absence. While their tasks may vary depending upon the environment, the age of children, the number of children and so on, their responsibilities remain the same and they must possess the following traits to effectively carry out their tasks.

  • Positive Impact On The Kids

Affinity Towards Children

The basic traits of a good childcare worker require him/her to be genuinely emphatic to the needs of children – it must exists natural affinity towards children. Thus, of course, they must be always comfortable in being with children. They enjoy the time being spent with kids and it makes them feel motivated and excited to help them learn through playful activities. Nonetheless, a positive and friendly attitude towards the kids is the most obvious indication of this trait.

  • Patience And Communication Skills

Patience Sign

Patience is the key trait for a childcare worker. If he/she does not have the patience to deal with the stressful, problematic, outright chaotic and frustrating situations that arise when dealing with children, they cannot survive and are likely to end up taking out that frustration on their young charges. A childcare worker must be calm in their behavior and patient enough to deal with the pressure, maintaining the dignity of the profession.

Similarly, a good and straightforward communication with the little ones is also necessary. They are not only responsible to pass on directions and instructions to children, while also comforting them, but they must also communicate with the parents, to provide them with information about their child, and to show them that their kids are being well taken care of. Thus, a good childcare worker possesses both, strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • Obtaining The Certification

Certificate Of Completion

A good childcare worker never hesitates in taking every available opportunity to learn more. They attend many childcare training workshops, college courses, seminars, association meetings or (local or national) conferences. Similarly, getting certified is the best way to start your career at a daycare. There are various certification programs available online, that can be completed in just a few months, and allow you to take the fast track to launch your childcare profession.

A good childcare certificate program offers an understanding of the several development stages of the kids, as well as the various caring and teaching methods, which are associated with every stage. These certifications also offer communication classes to build clear communication with the parents as well as the children. In addition to safety/first aid and child development, the certification also covers topics such as:

  • First aid and safety
  • Music and art for young kids
  • Communication skills
  • Care center administration
  • Child abuse reporting and recognition

To assist you further, I have listed down some useful links where you can easily avail these childcare certificate programs to enhance your skills even more.

On the whole, a good childcare worker recognizes the importance of their profession. They respect the trust and value put into their skills, by the parents. They not only dedicate themselves to the betterment of the children but also provide assistance to parents and develop healthy relationships with them. And for that, a good childcare worker never stops learning. They learn to provide excellent quality service and acquire more knowledge and skills in order to serve their profession exceptionally, the way it is expected to be.

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